Pruvia - Automatic Wine Oppener
Pruvia - Automatic Wine Oppener
Pruvia - Automatic Wine Oppener
Pruvia - Automatic Wine Oppener
Pruvia - Automatic Wine Oppener
Pruvia - Automatic Wine Oppener

Pruvia - Automatic Wine Oppener

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Open Bottle In Seconds, Faster Than You Can Image

The powerful power system, combined with the externally improved structure, and the application of a number of patented technologies, have greatly improved the accuracy of the screw hook counterposition wine stopper and the smoothness of the stopper.

Effortlessly open wine bottles with one click by grabbing this Electric Wine Bottle Opener. Elegant comes with its own foil cutter, and uncorks bottles in just 6 seconds, it’s the perfect accompaniment for your wine collection.

Effortless Bottle Opening

No more struggling to uncork bottles using knives or corkscrews. With just a click of a button, the bottle can be opened in 6 seconds. After more than ten years of continuous technical improvement focusing on the electric corkscrew, dozens of bottles of red wine can be continuously opened under full power.

2 in 1 Functionality

The bottle opener’s lid even doubles as a foil cutter, allowing you to open wines seamlessly and enjoy them instantly. It smoothly opens bottles, leaving the cork in pristine condition. This means your wine will have no bitter cork deposits, and you can still use the cork to cover the bottle to ensure the leftover wine stays fresh for longer.

Visual Open Bottle, Led Blue Light Cool Display

The bottom of the electric bottle opener is made of transparent PC, which makes the bottle opening process clearly visible. LED blue light also provides convenience in low-light situations

How to use

Open the battery compartment. Put 4 AA batteries inside then close again.Next, remove the bottle opener’s lid. Use it to cut the bottle’s foil wrap.
Finally, attach the bottle opener to the bottle’s mouth and click the switch button. Once it’s done removing the cork, click the button again to eject the cork. Done!


Material: ABS
Size: 23*5cm
Color: Black/Red
Packing: 1x Electric Wine Opener,1 x Foil Cutter

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