Pruvia - 4 Pcs Drill Brush Cleaner Kit
Pruvia - 4 Pcs Drill Brush Cleaner Kit
Pruvia - 4 Pcs Drill Brush Cleaner Kit
Pruvia - 4 Pcs Drill Brush Cleaner Kit

Pruvia - 4 Pcs Drill Brush Cleaner Kit

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Your New House Cleaning Assistant

House cleaning can be a nightmare for many people. Oil stains that never come off, calcified faucets, dirty showers and dirty sinks. In your battle with dirty surfaces, you try to find the best cleaning fluid and you pay for it. Most of the cleaning work is actually about strength. The harder you brush, the more stains you can remove, but why should we spend so much effort and tire ourselves in the 21st century? I present you to the product that will save your time, money and energy: Drill Brush Cleaner Kit. Drill Brush Cleaner Kit is now your cleaning assistant. With the brush you attach to the tip of a drill, you can clean the stains easily, quickly and using less cleaning liquid. With the power of the drill and the help of brushes, you can easily remove stubborn stains that you cannot remove. You can stop rubbing and tiring yourself for hours. The brush structure made of polypropylene does not cause any scratches on the floor you use and you use it safely!

Less Work And Also More Work

When you read the title, you may experience a little "what did I just read" moment, but stay calm and continue reading, please. With the Drill Brush Cleaner Kit, removing stains and cleaning is very easy! You can start cleaning with the brush you will attach to the tip of a drill. You will be very surprised when you see that the stains that you could not remove by scrabbing for hours disappear in an instant. With the Drill Brush Cleaner Kit, you can clean more with less time and effort. So, you are working less but you are gaining more work.

Suitable For Many Surface

With the Drill Brush Cleaner Kit, you have 4 brushes. You can attach any of these to the drill. The type of brush you should use is different depending on the floor you want to clean. You can use it on surfaces such as bathtub, bathroom surface, floor, tile, marble, shower, toilet, carpet, automobile tires, stove etc. The brush made of polypropylene material does not cause any scratches.

Very Easy to Use!

Drill Brush Cleaner Kit is very easy to use. Attach the brush suitable for the surface you want to clean to the tip of your drill. Then apply some cleaning fluid to the surface you want to clean and drill it!

Long Term Use

Synthetic fibers like polypropylene has a high absorption rate and wet stiffness. They can be used multiple times and for long period.


Type: Attachable brushes on drill
Usage: Toilet, bathtub, shower, sink etc.
Material: Polypropylene 
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Drill: Don't including the Drill
Package including: 4 different types of brushes

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